Watch Viral Video- One of the Most Most Crazy & Insane bike stunt by an Old Man in India

The world is full of people who always seeks to do craze and weird things. Sometime even the age doesn’t bring any barrier for them in doing such things. A similar crazy bike stunt video of an old man is getting Viral on the Internet. In the viral bike stunt video an old man can be seen riding his old TVS Suzuki Max 100 two-stroke motorcycle and doing some insane stunts on it. The old man is dancing, lying down on bike and even greeting the passers-by saluting them in style.

Although the authenticity and the timing of the video is not verified but at first glance it seems to be genuine. As incredible as the sight might be, the man seems to be pulling it off and doing stunts without any problems. In the video Other people on the road can be seen, quite amazed by his crazy bike stunt skills. May people even stared photographing him.

While the video looks exciting, but doing such stunts on public roads can be very dangerous as it may not only put the rider but other people on the roads in danger. Also, the old man in the video is not wearing any helmet or any other safety accessories which is very dangerous and even a small mistake in such a case can turn out to be fatal.

In nutshell, the next time you start to wonder if you’re too old to challenge yourself on the bike, just think about this old man.

You can watch the full video Here:

Disclaimer: Please Do Not Try this….

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