No more Alcohol Parties on Goa beaches! Drinking on Beaches Will Be Ban from 15th August

Goa is always being one of the most popular travel destination for Indian especially for youngster it always “once in life to visit” kind of destination. For most of the youths in India Goa is all about experiencing the relaxing vibes, low-priced alcohol, enjoying sun, sand and spirits aplenty. Drinking alcohol Anywhere and anytime in Goa is a very common thing but Goa CM Mr. Manohar Parrikar just announced that from 15th August people won’t be allowing to drink in public places.

Alcohol Ban on goa Beaches

Although drinking alcohol on public places is not allowed in most of the parts of India and now Goa also want to be strict in the matter. Parrikar government is going to impose heavy fine on the people who will be consuming alcohol on public places. While addressing a gathering after opening the incubation center at the state-run Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Mr. Parrikar quoted

“Mind you, there will be a heavy fine if you are found drinking (in public) from the month of August. We’re issuing a notification very soon. I intend to do it before August, so that we can implement it from August 15.”

He also lashed out at the tourists and citizens for dumping flowers wrapped in plastic in the Mandovi river after offering them to god. He said

“Every day we get the old bridge cleaned up. Every day I see some flowers being thrown on it. People think that they are doing great religious service by throwing flower in the water. You can throw flowers in water but not in plastic bags. Half the flowers are thrown on the footpath on the bridge”

The major reasons for taking such move to penalize public consumption of alcohol is believed to be a threat to law and order situation in the state and the risk of empty bottles clogging the riverfront and littering the beaches here. So, this decision is believed to limit such situations in the state.

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