Most Crazy & Weird Jobs in India You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

We all have lots of complaints about our job, work environment or Boss. Even most of us spend hours and hours to think only about changing the job. But there are few professions in India that are not just unique but very weird as well. After reading about these professions you will start loving your own profession (Until your Boss is not close enough to any of these). Checkout the list of worst professions in India:

  1. Sewage Cleaner: I guess, this is the worst job a man ever has to do to earn money.
    Weird jobs in India Sewage Cleaner
  2. Electrician: Although this job is not that much weird in most of the countries, but when it comes to India, it’s really a very risky job to do. The below picture says it all.
    Electrcian Job in India
  3. Nautanki Wala: Most of the people might be familiar with them. They are the roadside entertainers perform different activities including traditional dance, Folk Songs, rope antics, magic and so on.Road Side Entertainer In India
  4. Rudaali: These are the women from a village in Rajasthan hired as professional mourners. There only job is to cry on behalf of the women of upper class They get paid to show the grief on the death of Upper class family males. It’s a kind of a very unique and weird job to do. Isn’t it?
    Rudali- professional mourners india
  5. Ear Cleaner- The Kaan Saaf Walah: They are the traditional roadside ear cleaners can be found on the streets. They are experts in cleaning your ear by using their special tools and oil. These jobs really need more expertise.
    Roadside Ear Cleaner Job in India
  6. Bird Deterrents- Flag waver: His only job is to keep pigeons away from Hotel’s fountain. But I am bit confused about the cross sign on the flag. Does Pigeons really understand it?
  7. The Roadside Dentist: Probably the most inexpensive dental treatment you can get. But in reality, it has become very difficult for them to get the customers now a days.
    Roadside Dentists in India

Please share your views about this list. Also, share any other weird job that you know apart from this list.

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